Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms of use

This application is used to track your planet friendly habits and their effect on your individual carbon footprint. We expect users of My Carbon Counter to use the application for its intended purpose.

My Carbon Counter will not tolerate the use of its platform for sharing misinformation, spreading hateful language, bullying, harassment, or malicious behavior of any kind. We reserve the right to issue warnings and/or ban users from the application if we feel they are using the plaform with malicious intent.

The data & reporting available through the application is used to create a generalized picture of your carbon savings. it not suitable for purposes where highly accurate personalized carbon emission data is needed, i.e. official government or tax documents.

The carbon data used in this application is based on generalized statistics measured within the context of life in the United States. If you live outside of the US, the statistics for your region may differ dramatically.

Privacy Policy

By creating an account, Tiny Planet will have access to the following identifying data:

  • Email address
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Full name

Tiny Planet anonymously stores the following information from all users in our access logs (this helps us diagnose issues and keep the app secure):

  • IP Address

The following information we collect will be linked to users, but is not personally identifying on its own:

  • Carbon habit tracking data
    • Goal start date
    • Goal end date
    • Goal status (started, complete)

The above information is stored securely on a database in a cloud server.

Tiny planet uses cookies to store user sessions so that you can browse and return to the application without losing progress. We also use cookies to anonymously track behavior for analytics. This allows us to better understand, serve, and reach our audience.

We do not sell your personal data, or share it with a third party. Group analytics are shared anonymously (i.e. our users eliminated _____ lbs of carbon this month...)

These privacy terms are subject to change. When they are updated, you will notified and given the opportunity to review and accept the new terms the next time you login.

For individuals living or working in the European Union, and all others who fall under the protection of GDPR, you have the right to request a copy of any personal data stored via this application. Should you request a copy of your data, we must provide it to you within 30 days. Under GDPR it is also your right to request that we delete this data from our systems.

Thanks for using Tiny Planet!