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Start Here

Here's a quick overview on how to get started and access support with My Carbon Counter.

What it is

A platform and growing community to make shrinking carbon pollution easier and more enjoyable. We are obsessed with designing outside of shame and guilt and making what's external (pollution) translate into something that feel intrinsically awesome.

How it's designed to work

We've simplified shrinking pollution in terms of what we all do most regularly that has a big impact on climate change: driving, eating, buying stuff, and throwing stuff away. When you select small shifts in these four categories it's easier to get started and grow a bigger impact over time. Even better -- as we grow the community your small shifts collect into a movement of impact.

Your Weekly Checklist

While we know every week is not a 'picture perfect logging week' there are three things to aim to do weekly:

  1. pick a goal
  2. log a goal, and
  3. celebrate our collective impact.

Missing a week isn't a problem, just pick your next goal in a week or two.

You can hear about the collective impact you and others have made at our weekly call, visit the community tab to learn more.

Getting Support

Have questions, feeling stuck, or having an issue with the platform?! We're here to help! Contact us we'll reply ASAP.

We would love your help to make this platform the best it can be! Our goal is to work every week and month to make it better and we've created a special section in our community tab where you can submit ideas and vote on your favorite next features we've shortlisted.